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In these modern times, interactivity is key. People understandably feel that if they can’t get in contact, their experience of whatever they happen to be looking at is somehow diminished and their own status belittled. Back in the day, if you were being offered a red button to press so that you could join in, it meant you were in the Science Museum. These days it means that you’re watching Huw Edwards asking you for your opinion of the government’s policy on nuclear power, instead of getting on and telling you the news.
Bowing regretfully to the inevitable, therefore, Mr. Addison has instructed us to make it possible for visitors to his website to make contact in various ways. So, then:

If you would like to get in touch with us here at Team, or send us an email that we can endeavour to forward to Mr. Addison (which, given how often he seems to pick up his email, is akin to sending the Voyager spacecraft out beyond the solar system and simply hoping that one day some sort of unseen lifeform will get back to you), then email us at

If you are one of the gentlepeople of the press then we'd lay heavy money on the best people for you to prod with an e-stick being press&

If you wish to enquire about Mr. Addison’s availability for any kind of work-related thing - a booking, decorating, loft conversion, sports training or driftwood furniture whittling, then best contact Rob Aslett at Avalon Management on, or - how very old-fashioned - on +44 (0)20 7598 8000.